My clothing label base in Miri, Sarawak (Borneo). Establish since 2010. Really appreciate it if you guy like our page, support us ya'll. All design currently made & illustrate by me, Gilbert Juan.

August 31, 2010



Design yang aku buat untuk Cannibal Landlord. Band metal dari Miri. Design ini aku belum tunjuk dengan mereka lagi. Jadi masih tak tahu apa reaksi mereka. Kita tunggu. Kalau-kalaulah mereka approve jadi official design mereka aku ingat nak aku yang jadi pencetak. Maksudnya aku yang cetak design tu jadi takpayah nak cari printer lain tapi baju ini mereka ja yang jual. Kira macam aku supplier ja. Kira macam WEKILLEASY support Cannibal Landlord. Cannibal Landlord support WEKILLEASY lah nie. WIN-WIN situation. Apa-apa kita tengok nanti apa kata mereka. Kalaulah mereka tak nak aku tukar pegi WEKILLEASY.. HAHA.. yalah kalau orang tak hendak nak buat macam mana ya tak. Takkan nak paksa mereka pakai pulak.

Harap-harap CL dapat pegi jauh, lagi jauh lagi bagus.



Jangan Curi!

King Of The Wild Design

|King Of The Wild|

Design ini aku namakan sebagai King Of The Wild atau Raja Segala Haiwan Liar. Kalau ada yang tanya kenapa aku guna singa sebab dia, singa adalah raja rimba. Adik aku pun tahu. Aku ambil masa seminggu untuk menyiapkan kepala singa tu. Nampak senang bukan? Aku taklah berjam-jam buat. Dalam sejam tu aku lukis sini, esok pulak aku lukis sana, itu yang ambil masa sikit. Design nie mungkin akan dicetak dekat baju t-shirt tak lama lagi. Harga dia pun mungkin RM 35 atau mungkin RM 30. Tak mahal, tengoklah macam mana nanti aku pun bukan nak cekik darah sangat. Aku pun kadang-kadang sakit hati bila tengok harga mahal nak mampus tapi barang dia kain buruk kat rumah aku lagi elok. Tapi kos penghantaran awak tanggung sendiri.

Sekarang nie aku masih design dulu nanti barang-barang printing aku dah sampai baru aku mula berniaga cetak-mencetak baju. Apa-apa pun sokonglah aku sebab aku suka orang yang setia. Manalah tahu kot-kot nak beri baju free kat blogger. Bukan kot-kot memang aku nak beri tapi tunggulah dulu, tunggu semua dah jalan dengan betul. Kita buat satu persatu. Bagi yang rajin jenguk tu aku ucap terima kasih. Bagi yang komen post aku tu, awak semua memang terbaik.

August 30, 2010

Spooky Tarot Reading..

Is it some short of unintentional incident of is it mean something? Neither i can explain it nor i can believe it. For me Tarot Card is something interesting and i would like to learn a little bit about it. Maybe for some people it just ridiculous witch stuff. Somehow for some people like Gypsy people it is something that they believe in and every single of it mean something. Until then beware!


General Meaning: Pamela Coleman-Smith's artful rendition of an "innocent Fool" archetype (Rider-Waite deck) is often used to represent Tarot in general. Early classical versions of the Fool card, however, portray quite a different character -- a person driven by base needs and urges, who has fallen into a state of poverty and deprivation.

In some instances, he is made out to be a carnival entertainer or a huckster. In others, he is portrayed as decrepit and vulnerable -- as the cumulative result of his delusions and failures. Not until the 20th century do you see the popular Rider-Waite image of the Fool arise -- that of an innocent Soul before its Fall into Matter, as yet untainted by contact with society and all its ills.

Modern decks usually borrow from the Rider-Waite imagery. Most Fool cards copy the bucolic mountainside scene, the butterfly, the potential misplaced step that will send the Fool tumbling into the unknown. Don't forget, however, that the earlier versions of this card represented already-fallen humanity, over-identified with the material plane of existence, and beginning a pilgrimage towards self-knowledge, and eventually, wisdom. The Fool reminds us to recognize the path of personal development within ourselves -- and the stage upon that path where we find ourselves -- in order to energize our movement toward deeper self-realization.

source: http://www.tarot.com

A bearded young man stands upon a high mountaintop. He wears gorgeous vestments crowned by a turban. A radiant sun warms him. He stares into the sky rather than the chasms below. He carries the white rose of life in one hand, and a flowering staff in the other. He is the spirit in search of experience. The Fool knows everything and nothing. He is "0", the symbol of both perfection and nothingness.
The card in the middle represents the creative force behind the project, be it a person, organization, or other entity. The Fool: Fearlessness, imagination, open-mindedness, and an adventurous spirit. Freedom from cares and worries. Ideas, thoughts, and impulses coming from a completely unexpected place. Nonchalance at the threshold of gaining all or losing all. Extravagance and intoxication with life. The pure and undifferentiated power of creation itself, where ultimate knowledge and oblivion are unified.

source: www.facade.com

August 21, 2010

Quote: You

Quote: Idea

Quote: Leader

August 20, 2010

Riders On The Storm

I have fun while making the helmet using Adobe Illustrator, i try to make it look a life as possible. Actually this design i made for a friend of mine Syed Kamal. I first meet Kamal at Abang Azmie Tshirt Studio were i learn how to printing a t-shirt.. and for those who been following me.. i mean really following me, they'll know a little bit about the journey. This awesome guy have this bikers group call ER6 UNDERGROUND and they have been feature on several magazine. ER6U.

|click for larger view|

Thank You.


Here a few example of ER6 Underground T-Shirt from design that i just made. I change Riders On The Storm into ER6 Underground. I have this feeling that it could be awesome if i can wear any one of these t-shirt. Maybe i'll try to make a few more bikerz type of t-shirt.

|click picture for larger view|

August 16, 2010

Different Galaxies..

Dumbfounded - Different Galaxies ft. Sam Ock (Video by AntiCalculus)


Its so funny when it comes to music, you tend to like or dislike for no reason. For example sometimes i hate some musician without no reason. But then when i listen to their music the dislike turn into like. I ask myself why the heaven did i hate this person? Weird huh.. Okay this video i found unintentionally when I was youtube-ing for The Glades. For those who does not know The Glades is a A&E Network TV series premiered on Sunday, July 11, 2010.

More on Dumbfounded.com

WEKILLEASY™ #301 Black


I change the color again because the previous one look darker when printed. I can't wait to see it printed on a t-shirt.

August 15, 2010

Upcoming secret..

Not so secret huh.. well think of it as if this is a movie trailer. Somehow i wish you excited just like me. So let share the excitement..

I call it as "Old Man Down The Road" for unknown reason but somehow i wish it could be awesome when i finish it later on, so be patience cause i know i can't.. that why i post it up.. Okay for those that haven't know yet, lets keep it secret between us..will ya. Until then have a wonderful Sunday mornin'.

August 13, 2010

Duit dari Nuffnang!

Takde duitnya. Ingat nuffnang suka-suka nak bagi duit? Lainlah kalau blog tu banyak follower (definisi aku kalau nak buat duit guna nuffnang), lagipun aku buat blog nie bukan sebab duit, tu yang entri aku banyak yang kureng2.. Kalau kau nak tahu serba sedikit pasal hidup aku yang tak lah seberapa nie sinilah tempatnya. Takyah nak tahu banyak tahu sikit pun dah cukup. Kalau setakat blog walking lepastu tak datang lagi baik takyah datang terus. Buang masa ja. Komen2 ke, ni tidak nak duit je.

Surat Saman dari Blogger.

p|s: klik gambar untuk view yang lebih jelas

Bukan surat saman, sebenarnya surat penyataan copyright. Itulah sapa suruh sukati-sukati je nak buat entri. Pengajaran untuk hari ini, jangan suka-suka nak buat entri.

Aku ambik serius dalam hal copyright nie, orang susah-susah berkarya kita senang-senang nak curi. Kalaulah artwork aku yang kena curi komfom aku saman. Bagi pengajaran sikit supaya lain kali fikir dulu sebelum nak mencuri. Lagipun benda curi tak berkat, jangan pulak lepas ni cakap aku pinjam je. Takda pinjam2.. nak aku buatkan artwork boleh.. bayarlah! ingat senang ke.. (sombongnya bunyi).. tapi tu memang dah hakikat. Bukan senang nak hasilkan satu-satu artwork ambil masa, tenaga dan mental. Silap-silap boleh jadi gila. Akhir sekali, hormatilah hakcipta seperti mana hang menghormati diri hang.

Julian Casablancas

August 12, 2010




WEKILLEASY™ #301 Black

WEKILLEASY™ #301 White

Fuhh! Finally after two weeks. Sincerely i was afraid how this design could turn into but somehow i manage to go through it. I've ask a few people about what to put here and there. Should i do this or should i do that. What color should i pick, where to put it and lots of other stuff. So it not fair if i say it was my design alone, it was our design.

This is my first design using CorelDraw X4 which is i never thought i could ever use cause it look impossible.. if you know what i mean. I will print this design as WEKILLEASY™ 1st tshirt. Anyway, keep supporting me, until then have a good life.

August 8, 2010

Aku Belajar Printing Baju Bhgn 1

Alkisah bermula begini, ada satu hari yang mana setahun yang sudah aku terjumpa satu laman sesawang yang ada memberikan tunjuk ajar macam mana nak buat t-shirt pembetulan printing t-shirt. AZMIETSHIRT nama web tu. Aku pendekkan cerita nie bukan ada yang nak baca pun, jadi aku ambil keputusan tuk menabung pakai beli tiket kapal terbang nanti. Lama gak aku menabung, kadang-kadang bila tengok orang makan yang sedap-sedap aku terpaksa ikat perut. Nasib aku baik sebab tempat pengajian aku tu tak lah jauh mana, jadi boleh pegi balik makan tengah hari.

Dalam aku menabung tu aku adalah jumpa satu skim buat duit, namanya Aleacorp. Nak jadi ahli kena bayar RM 30 atau RM 150. Dah dasar manusia memang tamak aku pilihlah yang RM 150 tu. Kalau nak dapat duit cara nie mesti pandai berkata-kata dan usaha. Disebabkan aku taknak menipu cakap boleh buat duit banyak tanpa usaha jadi aku buat keputusan untuk tak teruskan. Lesaplah RM 150 aku tu. Tapi niat aku untuk belajar cetak baju tak pernah padam, macam arang, api dia kecil tapi boleh memasakkan daging.

Aku kumpul sampai RM 600. RM 400 untuk tiket dan RM 200 untuk yuran belajar. Bayangkan nak bawa RM 600 tu ke ibu kota. Nak mampus! Kurang-kurang pun seribu tu pun belum tentu cukup. Jadi aku minta kat mak aku minta modal RM 500 tapi dia bagi RM 600. Dah Rm 1200. Masa kat airport ayah aku lak bagi RM 300. Jumlah keseluruhan RM 1500.

Bebalik kepada cerita masa aku beli tiket kapal terbang. Masa aku nak beli tiket banyak sangat masalah. Disebabkan kalau beli tiket online lagi murah aku pun buat keputusan nak buat satu maybank visa kad. Nanti senang nak beli tiket. Masa aku nak buat kad, aku punya kad pengenalan tak dapat nak dibaca. Terpaksalah buat kad pengenalan baru. Nak buat kad pengenalan bukan sekejap, aku terpaksa tunggu sebulan. Tertangguh lak sebulan niat mulia aku nie nak printing baju. Siap je aku punya kad pengenalan aku terus ke bank maybank nak buat kad. Masa tu aku masih simpan duit kat celah-celah buku. Malas lah nak buat tabung dari buluh, leceh.

Nak dapat persetujuan dari mak dan bapak aku susah sangat sebab mana ada ibu & bapa nak bagi anak diaorang pegi ke tempat yang diaorang tak pernah pergi. Nie kan nak pegi sorang-sorang. Ibu kota pulak tu. Cukup duit RM 600 aku cuba booking online sendiri. Nasib aku memang malang sebab kad aku tu tak boleh pakai beli tiket kapal terbang online. Masa tu aku memang rasa celaka sesangat. Aku mintak lah tolong kawan aku ADAM GAU. Satu benda yang aku sakit hati sangat dia macam ambil kesah tak kesah ja. Tiga hari aku tunggu dia beli tiket, tak beli-beli. Malas nak tunggu aku suruh lah pensyarah aku Puan Ida tu pun kebetulan sebab masa tu aku nak suruh pensyarah lain. Bila nak booking je komputer ada masalah. Takdapat nak beli online. Apalah malang sangat nasib aku. Terpaksalah aku minta tolong Adam sekali lagi dengan muka yang tersangat lah tebal macam kamus dewan.

Masa beli tiket dari Miri ke KL takda masalah. Tapi bila nak beli dari KL ke Miri tetiba kad penuh, tak dapat nak beli lagi. Aku tak tau macam mana nak bayangkan perasaan aku masa tu. Kalau aku nak terus menetap kat sana tak pa lah juga. Tapi Adam nie bijak orangnya, dia mintak kad satu lagi dari ayah dia. Syukur semua okay.

Baiklah aku berenti kat sini, lain kali aku sambung lagi. Satu lagi ada kawan aku tanya kenapa kau kadang-kadang pakai bahasa melayu, kadang-kadang pakai english. Aku tulis dalam bahasa omputeh sebab nak praktis writing skill aku. Kalau salah satu dua tu takda yang nak memaki. Kalau ada pun aku peduli aku, aku punya blog sukati aku lah nak cakap bahasa apa. Nie yang aku cakap dalam bahasa melayu sebab lebih senang. Nanti kalau tulis dalam bahasa english tapi berterabur apa guna. ye tak.

Apa-apapun cerita nie nanti sangat panjang dan ada banyak benda yang menarik sepanjang perjalanan aku ke sana. Sebelum abis aku nak ucapkan berjuta-juta terima kasih kepada Mak & Ayah aku sebab kalau tanpa diaorang benda nie takkan jadi. Terima kaish Adam Gau sebab tolong beli tiket, aku tak perlukan banyak kawan asalkan aku ada sorang yang macam kau. Lepastu Abang Azmie & Kak Umie sekeluarga sebab banyak tolong aku masa kat KL, jasa abg & kak mie takkan saya lupa. Dan semua yang merealisasikan impian saya setakat ini. Perjalanan saya masih jauh lagi, masih banyak yang belum tercapai, semoga kita berjaya.

August 7, 2010

I'm Not Afraid

|sneak peak|

I'm too busy even to finish this awful stuff need a week.. a lots of quiz and assessment. Well so far I kind of like this design and I will print it soon enough. BTW it not done yet cause I can felt the emptiness (if you know what i'm talkin' about).

Last few week, I've been creating my own clothing label official logo. I want something memorize-able and what will represent my clothing label. So here it is.. I really appreciate if you let me know what you thinkin' about it.


Here is a few example WKE aka WEKILLEASY logo i was made before and i stated the reason why i don't choose it.

R: i can't differentiate every single character, btw it WK and EC as WEKILLEASY CLOTHING

R: It does look elegant with curl in it but somehow it might look too big and i take too much space.

R: I like this one cause it look futuristic and i guess i will used it on something else, maybe banner perhaps?

R: It look simple but WEKILLEASY is meant to be something harder which mean give some effort in what ever you do.

R: It look grunge but i don't really like it, too easy..

R: The idea come from hardcore clothing label.. it might look awesome on tShirt.

R: I don't know what to say because everything pretty much font, too easy

R: I love this one, i might printed it for my personal collection.