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August 7, 2010

I'm Not Afraid

|sneak peak|

I'm too busy even to finish this awful stuff need a week.. a lots of quiz and assessment. Well so far I kind of like this design and I will print it soon enough. BTW it not done yet cause I can felt the emptiness (if you know what i'm talkin' about).

Last few week, I've been creating my own clothing label official logo. I want something memorize-able and what will represent my clothing label. So here it is.. I really appreciate if you let me know what you thinkin' about it.


Here is a few example WKE aka WEKILLEASY logo i was made before and i stated the reason why i don't choose it.

R: i can't differentiate every single character, btw it WK and EC as WEKILLEASY CLOTHING

R: It does look elegant with curl in it but somehow it might look too big and i take too much space.

R: I like this one cause it look futuristic and i guess i will used it on something else, maybe banner perhaps?

R: It look simple but WEKILLEASY is meant to be something harder which mean give some effort in what ever you do.

R: It look grunge but i don't really like it, too easy..

R: The idea come from hardcore clothing label.. it might look awesome on tShirt.

R: I don't know what to say because everything pretty much font, too easy

R: I love this one, i might printed it for my personal collection.


Fay Ulrica Lee said...

AMAZING! seriously, you're an inspiration.


Thank You Fay.. i'm HONOR.. people like you make me work twice harder.. Have a gud day..