My clothing label base in Miri, Sarawak (Borneo). Establish since 2010. Really appreciate it if you guy like our page, support us ya'll. All design currently made & illustrate by me, Gilbert Juan.

August 12, 2010




WEKILLEASY™ #301 Black

WEKILLEASY™ #301 White

Fuhh! Finally after two weeks. Sincerely i was afraid how this design could turn into but somehow i manage to go through it. I've ask a few people about what to put here and there. Should i do this or should i do that. What color should i pick, where to put it and lots of other stuff. So it not fair if i say it was my design alone, it was our design.

This is my first design using CorelDraw X4 which is i never thought i could ever use cause it look impossible.. if you know what i mean. I will print this design as WEKILLEASY™ 1st tshirt. Anyway, keep supporting me, until then have a good life.

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