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March 25, 2010

MMA Pro Fighter™ - Where to Start

I've been searching a complete guide about how to be an Excellent MMA Pro Fighter but it somekinda hard since its new but check this out. I've done some digging on the forum and let see what I got. Thanks to other MMA Fighter that have share their experiences and knowledge.


MMA Pro Fighter guide for beginners by GeForce

Hello newbies this is the guide done by me from my experiences in the game. Hopefully this guide will help you novices build your own perfect MMA fighter.

1. When you first enter the game it will randomly design your fighter so if you feel that your fighter is not fancy enough you can refresh the page until you are satisfy with it!

2. The game will request that u choose 2 discipline (aka fighting style). There will be 3 striking and 3 submission style to choose from.

Striking - Kick-boxing, Boxing and Muay Thai.
Submission - Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Wrestling and Judo.

It doesn't matter what combination you have chosen as each combination are fairly the same in terms of damage output and defensive input.

3. After u created your character it will bring you to a tutorial. Just follow the tutorial and you will finish your first battle.

4. The following is important and should be noted if you don't want to create a lousy fighter.

Health - This will determine how much damage your fighter could absorb before he tap out or K.O during a fight. You will not need spend too much attribute points on otherwise your fighter will not have enough cardio to pull off a long battle.

Cardio - This will determine your fighter's energy level for executing offense and defense skills. You will need to boost this stat ALOT more THAN health otherwise if you don't your fighter will be easily worn out and unable to defense itself.

Stamina - This will determine how much you can train your fighter during training exercises. Do not focus too much on this unless you doesn't like to fight for rewards and choose to training for exp.

Constitution - This will determine whether your fighter is at it's top form or flabby. If you are inactive with training your fighter will grow weaker and it will affect your overall performance during a fight. (Highly chances to lose a fight)

5. From now on you can either fight your opponent first at the 'Fight' tab OR you can spend all your stamina first on training.

6. Your newly created fighter will have some skills learned and that are not mastered yet so when u earn enough cash you have to master them in order to effectively boost their efficiency.

7. DO NOT PURCHASE TOO MANY SKILLS AND NOT MASTERING THEM!!! A mastered skill will effectively nulify a weak unmastered skill so watch out for it.

8. There is only 2 official currency in this game: Cash and Pro Points

Cash - You can earn them from training and fighting.

Pro Points - You earn a few of them for free during your first 10 levels and after that each 10 levels you gain will reward you 2 Pro Points.

9. As you progress further you will be unlocking more combos. However i do not advise getting combos because the combo will only trigger when the opponent use a specify skill listed. Also low level combo deal little damage which is insignificant as you can focus on a better offensive skill to K.O your opponent.

10. Earning cash may be hard but if your are hardworking enough to add the MMA fighters as friends you will benefit from it. Each spar with friends will earn u 5 exp and 5 cash at daily basis. Also remember that the task at "Challenges" tab will reward you with moderate amount of cash and EXP if u spar enough.

11. If u encounter lag or slow loading speed i recommend you to use a better browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Hope you novices enjoy your time in the game!

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Zala Wajik said...

My fighter level 16 currently, and I started to liking this game. Because I rarely defeated by some bunch of fighter that I challenged. haha

Gilbert Juan said...

i play this game like ages a go.. hehehe.. never played it again ever since.. well hope this info help you in many ways.. thanks for stopping by.. i appreciate it..