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March 20, 2010

Garnier Men New Product!

Seriously i have no idea what Garnier is all about..

Okay, today i just bought my Garnier Men "Turbolight Oil Control" cause my face a little bit oily lately, hopefully it would cure my oily skin disease, who know?

At first i have no idea which one should i choose even though i've read the ingredients that being used to made this tiny little skin care. Like always other promoters want to sell their product by saying " why don't you buy this product instead?" then i say " I've made my decision so thanks but no thanks."

So how it feel when you used their product? Okay i decide to buy Garnier Men "Turbolight Oil Control" cause i saw the word "Oil Control"..

I thought it would be pretty much the same as other skin care that i've used before.. i am totally wrong.. when i used it on my face, it feel like my face was burning but then when i swept it with water turn out i feels so cold and refreshing..

What else should i say about this product? It cost me RM 14.90 which i count as pretty cheap.. Guys you should try this product! (RECOMMENDED)

Garnier Men "Turbolight"

Garnier Men "Turbolight Oil Control"

Garnier Men "Aquafuel"

Picture Taken From: WWW.MYMENSTUFF.COM
More info visit: Launch of Garnier for Men Malaysia

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