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March 25, 2010

MMA Pro Fighter™ - Skill Building


Revised Tip # 4 (Combos) on 3/1/10....

Here are some tips to help you in building your character's skills.

Tip #1:
Don't focus on buying every offensive skill you can get your hands on. Its more important to master the ones you have.

Tip #2:
It is wise to purchase every evade and parry skill. You will win almost all of your fights if you keep up with buying all evade/parry skills. This worked wonders for me until about level 35 or so. Then I had to start advancing those skills because others will have alot of offensive skills mastered by then and a novice evade is a joke against a mastered offense.

Tip #3:
Around level 40+, don't buy an offensive skill unless you can master it right away, or advance it to expert at minimum. This is because you don't want to waste your fighter's stamina on using a novice skill that your opponent will most likely evade or parry. Save your money until you can take it to expert or master.

Tip #4:
Buy your combos later. Combos are only utilized when a specific skill is used against you (check your combo details for more info). The combo will be used 100% of the time when that particular skill is used. However, combos are expensive and you have to save up quite a bit for them. Don't let your fighter's attacks and evasion suffer while you are saving for combos. You can't win just buy buying combos alone. Give your fighter a nice solid foundation of attacks, evasions, and parries before getting into the combos.

Tip #5:
If you want the beefest fighter possible like I do, don't waste money on accessories like tatoos and shorts. If you want your fighter to look cute, then by all means go ahead. Try to get them from gifts.

If you have suggestions of your own that you would like to add, please feel free!

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