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April 26, 2010

Hello Hurricane

Switchfoot. Is there anybody doesn't know who this guys are? Well i am not their biggest fan so i don't really follow their journey in music industry. A few day a go i checking my play lists in my hp then there is a song title Mess Of Me by Switchfoot. I wondering how did it get into my play lists? I might have put it without realize about it i guess. Then i check my Music Library Folder and there it is Switchfoot - Hello Hurricane.

There is 12 Track in this album:

1. Needle and Haystack Life
2. Mess of Me*
3. Your Love Is a Song*
4. The Sound [John M. Perkins' Blues]
5. Enough To Let Me Go*
6. Free
7. Hello Hurricane
8. Always
9. Bullet Soul
10. Yet
11. Sing It Out*
12. Red Eye

* personal favorite

Do you know that Switchfoot already have 7 studio album? OMG i don' t even know.
List Switchfoot Album:

1. The Legend of Chin [1997]
2. New Way to Be Human [1999]
3. Learning to Breathe [2000]
4. The Beautiful Letdown [2003]
5. Nothing Is Sound [2005]
6. Oh! Gravity [2006]
7. Hello Hurricane [2009]

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