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April 26, 2010


|fav: rudolp dassler schuhfabrik by puma|

I'm not metrosexual kindda guy.. okay maybe a little bit. I love fashion. There is one time last two years if i'm not mistaken, i bought my own beg cheap one, people starring at me like i'm a freak. They must be thinking why would a guy wear a girl beg? To be serious i don't afraid to buy an expensive cloth or beg or what ever makes me look good. It not rich or my family have a million dollar in our bank account. It enough if you have 2 or maybe 3 expensive item in your wardrobe. Well i have nil expensive item in my collection maybe sometimes in the future.

Actually i have a bad memory with beg, a few year back there is an indecent where my beg was stolen with my notebook inside it. I left it in my car while i go make myself "happy". Instead of get the happiness God repay me with unhappiness by giving my precious notebook to "other" people who might "deserve" it.

Reminder: never left your beg inside your car, you have 3 option. 1. Bring it with you. 2. Put it inside your car bonnet or 3. Let "other people" who deserve it take it from you. I hope you won't do the same mistake as what i did.

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