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January 19, 2010


So what is WEKILLEASY is all about.. at first i think about it.. it sound cool, you know.. people always try to find a way to give excuses rather than work on the hard road.. you know what i mean.. sometimes we have to work a little bit harder to make things better..

I have this wish to make my own t-shirt design and of course make my own clothing label.. even though there been a lots of great t-shirt out there still i want to give myself a try.. like i say WEKILLEASY.. hell yeah WEKILLAZY..

well what now? erm.. i've made this design might not that very much but i pretty like it..

|Polaroid Land Camera|


---|Photography Club T-shirt|---

--i like CMYK color but I'll try other color too okay..i appreciate all comment from you guys..i mean it..--


-arifah- said...

kacak..desgin kdrik ka? camney nak join club ya?

Pencuci Jamban™ said...

owk, aku kdrk design.. tp belum jd baju gik.. design jak.. baju untuk bakal Kelab Fotografi PPKS.. hopefully cidak maok polah baju ya lah..

nono fara said...

omaigaaad kmk sangat suka baju nak ada camera ya okay! kmk suka tshirt nak kat gambar ke3.. dah print ka baju tok? how much? :P

Pencuci Jamban™ said...

owh.. okay.. ntah lah.. susah mok madah cause gk tengah cari pencetak.. plus menda2 len.. i'll let you know when i decide to print it.. hehe

nono fara said...

hehehe.. mun kmk rah miri mok mek beli :P tapi kmk sik mok ada photography club ya. kmk mok tukar jadi i am a shooter :P kak ya canon tukar jadi sony sbb kmk guna sony hehe :)

Pencuci Jamban™ said...

yalah.. nok pakey sony mintak sony.. nok pakey nikon mintak nikon, nok pakey canon x mintak apa2.. haha.. probably nama ya dibuang lah but idea "i am a shooter" cambest jak bunyi..