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January 20, 2010

Chapter Three : Tyra Quote


two years ago
i was afraid of wanting anything
i figure out that wanting would be the trying
and trying would be the failure
but now i find out i can't stop wanting

i wanna fly somewhere in 1st class
i wanna travel to Europe on a business trip
i wanna get invited to white house
i wanna learn about the worlds

i wanna surprise myself
i wanna be on court
i wanna be the best person i can be
i wanna define myself
instead of having others to define me

i wanna win
and have people be happy for me
i wanna lose
and get over it

i wanna not be afraid of the unknown
i wanna grow up to be generous and big heart
the way that people have been with me
i wanna interesting surprising life

its not that i think I'll get these things
i just want the possibility of getting them
college represent possibility
the possibility that things gonna change

i can't wait...

By : Tyra Collette (Andrianne Palicki)
From : Friday Night Light [Season 3 Episode 12]

This series thought me lots of thing, things that i couldn't possibly learn from people around me and it make me look forward for myself. Its not just a TV series, it the reality that happen around us without we realize it and how important for you and i to notice about it.


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