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December 4, 2009

3rd Day Part Time Job

Today nothing much happen actually but still there is a things that make me start to think. Okay now i want you to imagine that in a colony of ant there is the Queen is it? The situation was almost similar with this situation but not exactly same..i hope you people will understand what was i trying to say..

Anu dalam kedey ini ada sorang gadis, not the only there is other but her was the one that i can say pretty among all (gadis2 nya ada 4 ja which is Auntie Eliza(owner)+2other girl+Miss A) but Auntie Eliza ndak kira cause she was a married woman but i can say this kind of woman i would like to have as my future wife..she so nice and sweet, belikan air and kuih-muih for us.. Thank You a lot to Aunt Eliza and Our Boss..

Back to our story.. so everyone is like try to get her attention (i dont sure if i fall into the categories..cause i have so much stuff to think about..<--alasan lol) and then there is a guy said "pasal perempuan pun nak berebut" .. and i was Ha!ha! so there is other that notice whut i see..

Still i have to admit i like her but as a friend and i think she could be a great friend. So i ask her i she got any facebook account and she anwer yes then i ask for her email. So do you think she'll give me? guess.. annnddd luckly she give me her email..(i'm not going to giv you her email..privacy cewah..ha!ha!)..Adeh! forgot to give my thank to her..

Still ada satu kisah lagi yang aku tak puas ati..(klau teda tak sah..he!he!).. Nie cita pasal susun kotak. "bat pasal susun kotak pun nak bising ka??''.. Cita nya camni kitaorang berlima (aku, cris, abn, mke, miss a) disuruh susun kotak mengikut nombor siri dan jenis. Mula2 smuanya okay jak tapi ada satu time tu diaorang(bia kitaorang ja yang tahu sapa tu) mula malas nak susun betul2.. then aku katalah klau nak kerja kna ikhlas nanti sendiri susah.. Klau urang lain yang susah aku peduli apa tapi bila benda tu kena dekat aku..panas dibuatnya.. Okay smuanya udah disusun..kitaorang puas hati..

ha!ha! nie part best so our bost naik to tengok2 kerja kitaorang and then he ask us to calculate smua stock not exactly smua tapi yang ada dalam bilik tu, yang mana sblum nie dia tak kata apa2(tapi bagi aku dia layak tuk suruh kitaorang buat apa yang perlu). Dalam hati aku dah kata " Yalah aku dah suruh korang susun betul2 tadi skarang sapa susah aku juga yang terlibat.." yang aku sakit hati nya bila yang membantah kata aku tadinya kata "kitaorang tak tahu apa2 kitaorang ikut ja apa "gadis" tu suruh.. Ha! nilah sikap yang paling aku fed up sangat.. bila ko buat salah tapi salahkan orang lain..

malas lah ku mok cita gik..

sekian yang benar,
Ultramen Taro

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