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July 13, 2010

King Of All Days

Today i miss my class unintentionally because our class FAM aka Further Analytical Method for Engineers which is usually start at 3 pm was change to 1 pm. So without knowing the changing I'm came as usual which is 3 pm and when I found out that I've miss my class I felt extremely frustrated because once you miss a class you are pretty much doom.

The funny thing is I try to figure out who will I choose to take this blame. I refuse to saying it was my fault so I'm blaming my lecturer because change the class schedule, I'm blaming our class leader because trying to call me while my phone was in my bag with silent mode. I'm blaming all my class mate because they don't bother to try call me or inform me. I'm blaming our college for other million reason that i couldn't figure out.

Most of all I'M BLAMING YOU!!!