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July 10, 2010

1. I wear short pants.

I love to wear a short pant it very comfortable and cool inside, if you know what i mean.. LOL.. but there is one thing that always bother me is why the hell it so freaking expensive?! Do you kow Miri is the worst place for shopping because they almost got nothing other than a full of scrap cloth. Come on.. don't you people have any fashion sense? yet you order something that nobody want to freaking wear it. Sometimes their prices are twice the original price, who the freak says we got no money.

I don't mind spent my money on something that worth it price. You can't fool me with your expensive looking shop. You must be joking.. can't you please sell something that you yourself want to wear it..

Anyway here a few SPRING|SUMMER SHORT PANTS from a few fashion designer.

Let me present to you my favorite.

|Gucci - Spring 2010|

|Agn├Ęs B - Spring 2011|

|Bottega Veneta - Spring 2010|

p|s: i want those v-neck tops

|Dolce & Gabbana - Spring Summer Collection 2011|



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