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July 10, 2010

i buy an electric guitar

I not good at playing guitar in fact I'm not good at all but this heart of mine desire an instrument that will make me look like a man. Every great person have their own weapon that help their throne. A samurai have katana, a pirate have cutlass, a mafia have tommy gun and lots more (info taken from DEADLIEST WARRIOR).

So what going to be mine? Here let me show you a little boy toy that would extremely joy if someone give it to me as a present..

American Deluxe Tele® Ash

Gibson Custon - Model 1959 ES-335 Dot Reissue

Gibson Custon - Model Flying V

Gibson Custon - Model Firebird V

Gibson USA - Model Thunderbird IV Bass

Do we realize that every person in the band have their own specific criteria? I once watch this series call I'm in a Rock n Roll Band by BBC Chanel. They talk about every person from a singer until what make a band a band, if you know what i mean.

I not kind of person who love to walking in group, if it just 3 or 4 it considerable but if more than 6 it a little bit out of control. The Beatles once stated that they wonder how could Elvis could handle so much pressure on his own. Even they which is 4 person find out it pretty hard to go through everything.. that was from The Beatles Anthology DVD.

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