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May 4, 2010

Return To Africa 2010 - FIFA World Cup Contest

FIFA 2010. Waiting is torture for me. I've been practicing not to sleep early since forever. I just can't wait anymore. If any of you asking what is my FIFA team i have no idea. We'll see soon enough, soon enough.

The FIFA World Cup 2010 is near – Want to win tickets to the world’s hottest football event this summer? Just take part in any of our online and mobile games to win. Be amongst the top 6 scorers of each game and you could be flying off to Africa this June! Check out Return to Africa website.

Details and contest at Return to Africa website www.returntoafrica.com.my. Contest start from 14 April until 14 May 2010

Below is a few examples of puzzle you have to solve. To be honest there no way you could win against those 1 second puzzle solver unless you have incredible skill in puzzle. Well i don't care much about the price but you can still enjoy the excitement solving these puzzle. Have fun buddies.

You think you can do much more? Try to beat my score. I might not be the fastest but absolutely not the slowest. Like you.. XD

NEW RECORD! 4 hallelujah second..

*Millionaiire #13

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