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March 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Gilbert John Joan

even though it's late as usual.. actually i born on 10 March 1989 which mean I'm 21.. nothing matter but somehow i grateful cause born as a human and with perfect condition (perhaps).. i wonder i there somebody or anybody care but seem only a few that sincerely do.. when i say a few it really few.. well ain't always a we wish we could be (i don't even know what this is spouse to mean)..

I'm 21 and deep inside me i keep on thinking what other 21 years old guy do with their life.. My life pretty boring.. i want to be surrounded by people that always thinking, knowing thing not just sit and talk bullshit.. I want to be part of something meaningful that i could recall back and share with my grandchild.. I want to meet lots of people.. I want to meet someone that almost like me.. Someone who think like me, someone who act like me, someone who look like me.. (maybe not this one, lucky i don't have twin.. its not a bad thing thoe..)

My HnD course will took 2 1/2 year until graduation.. then what degree perhaps but where am i going to be.. Germany? United Kingdom? okay maybe this is to big to achieve.. let say Miri.. huh.. I'm born in Miri, study in Miri, work in Miri and probably dead in Miri.. and I'm very sure i don't want that to happen to me.. Gilbert you are 21 and you need to think were are you gonna go..

Do i have a friends? Just because you know someone doesn't make they a friend.. because "the older you get, the more you'll realize some people should be around your entire life and others just make an appearance" from Greek (TV Series Season 3 Ep 16)..

I am a kind of guy who hate to being alone but instead of hanging with other people i kept myself in the refrigerator.. How pathetic don't you think?

Happy Birthday Gilbert John Joan!

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